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This 100% volunteer run event had donated over $65,000 to youth sports in the lakes area!
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From the Brainerd Dispatch

Big Bill'$ Lil' Rubber Duckie Race set to sail on Aug. 5

The Brainerd Jaycees second annual Big Bill’$ Lil’ Rubber Duckie Race will take place at 4 p.m. Aug. 5 at the Laurel Street bridge over the Mississippi River.

The Jaycees, with help from Ziegler Cat, will be using a pay loader to dump more than 5,000 Lil‘ Rubber Duckies off the bridge and into the river. The Brainerd Fire Department will be assisting in catching the Rubber Duckies at the finish line at Kiwanis Park.

The first 30 Duckies will all win prizes for their corresponding “adoptive parent,” the raffle ticket holder. The “adoptive parent” is the person who purchased the $5 dollar raffle ticket with the matching adoption number on their ticket.

“All adopted Lil’ Rubber Duckies will be cared for by the Brainerd Jaycees before and after the race, including bath-time following the race and a safe place to sleep for winter, so they are refreshed and ready to race again next summer for their new adoptive parents,” the Jaycees wrote in a news release.

The Lil’ Rubber Duckie Race started in 2011 and all proceeds were donated to local youth sports in the Lakes Area. The Jaycees partnered with Lakes Area Youth Soccer Association (LAYSA) to help sell tickets, along with the help of a few summer baseball teams as well. In 2011 the Jaycees were able to donate $7,000 dollars in proceeds to LAYSA, Brainerd Public School Foundation sports program, and a handful of youth baseball teams through Big Bill’s$ Lil’ Rubber Duckie Race.

In 2012 the Jaycees have again teamed up with LAYSA Brainerd Blast, Brainerd Wrestling, Mn High School Rodeo, and the Brainerd Public School Foundation sports program to help adopt out duckies. This year has more cash prizes — first place is $2,500, second place is $1,000, third place is $750, fifth place is $500, 10th place is $100, 20th place is $200, 30th place is $300, along with various other prizes for the rest of the top 30 Duckies.

Duckies can be adopted for $5 at the following locations: Taco Johns, Pine Square, College Square, Cub Brainerd and Baxter, Cashwise Brainerd and Baxter, Westside Liquor, and Esser‘s Liquor in Brainerd.

The Jaycees thanked the sales locations for their help and offered a special thanks to Lakes Printing and C&L Monster Energy for their assistance.

Anyone interested in helping with the Duckie Race or any other Jaycee event can go to Brainerdjaycees.com, or by contacting contact Duckie chairman Bill Lowe at (605) 201-3987 orbillyjoelowe@yahoo.com.

The 3rd Annual Brainerd Jaycees Big Bill'$ Lil' Rubber Duckie Race is a duckie race raffle to be held in downtown Brainerd on August 3th, 2013. The event will feature thousands of rubber duckies being dumped off the Laurel Street Bridge by a pay loader (provided by Zeigler Cat). Racing down the Mississippi River to Kiwanas Park. The First 30 Duckies will win prizes for their the person that lovely adopted them. 100% of the event's proceeds will be donated to local youth sports in the Lakes Area with the primary beneficiary being Lakes Area Youth Soccer Association.  We are also proud to partner with MN High School Rodeo and Brainerd Wrestling this year. 

The Brainerd Jaycees are a leadership development organization for men and women ages 18-40. Established in 1939, this chapter of 130 people donates over $200,000 and 75,000 hours to the Brainerd-lakes community annually. So if you are interested in helping the community we all live in and having fun doing it. The Brainerd Jaycees would be a perfect fit for you.

In  2011 at the 1st Annual Lil' Rubber Duckie Race nearly 5000 duckies(weighing about a 1000 pounds) made the float down the Mississippi. The event was a big success in its first running. And the Brainerd Jaycees were able to donate about $7000 dollars to youth sports in the Lakes area.

In 2012 at the 2nd Annual Lil' Rubber Duckie Race just over 5000 duckies made the dash for Cash on the Mississippi River. The Brainerd Jaycees were able to donate about $17000 to youth sports
In 2013 at the 3rd Annual Lil' Rubber Duckie Race over 6000 lil' Duckes climbed in the the front end loader bucket. For their chance to race to the finish and try and win their adoptive parents the $2500 first place prize. The Brainerd Jaycees were able to donate over $21,000 to Local lakes area youth sports!

More Information on the Brainerd Jaycees and their activities can be found at brainerdjaycees.com